Recent Positively West Virginia guest, Karen Ford, is a wizard at helping people get out of debt. Whether you have one or 86 credit cards, Karen can help you find your stability and peace of mind.

It’s hard to believe that as a registered nurse, financial coach, public speaker, entrepreneur and author, Karen manages to get any sleep. Somehow she juggles all of these titles and continues to grow her business at the same time. Karen said, “The way I see it, as a nurse, I help people with their physical health, and as a financial coach, I help people with their financial health.”

Karen has only been working as a financial mentor for about five years, although her expertise and passion could make you think she’s been doing it for 30. She loves the process of analyzing financials, forming a plan and helping people build wealth. Karen says that if you can get into debt, you can get out of it. 

Karen’s guidance through meetings, seminars and her book has helped people improve their financial health worldwide. She has assisted people with any debt, from $500 to over $800,000, regain control of their spending. One of her favorite experiences in this role was helping a couple who shared debt between 86 credit cards. This might sound like a strange experience to enjoy. Still, she claims that assisting that couple in getting everything out in the open and beginning to reconstruct their finances was an inspiring moment for her.

Karen’s role as a financial mentor is changing lives every day. In America today, seven out of 10 people are living paycheck to paycheck. That means that 70 percent of our population is dangerously close to debt and missing the opportunity to build wealth. Karen said, “I don’t know about you, but in today’s world, I want to help a lot of people.” She hopes to continue changing lives and building her business despite the pandemic through speaking engagements and one on one training.

You can purchase Karen’s book, Money Matters, conveniently on amazon at any time. Karen suggests that making small adjustments in your daily spending, like skipping the coffee shop, can end up saving you hundreds of dollars a month and eventually help you begin to build wealth. In her interview, Karen stressed again and again that debt doesn’t have to control your life. She has tools and advice that can help anyone track spending, start a budget and begin to build their path to wealth. You just have to be ready and motivated.

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  • RECOMMENDED BOOK: Develop the Leader Within You, by John Maxwell

PIECE OF ADVICE: “If you got into debt, you can get out of debt,” advised Karen.