Eight-year veteran, Nick Lambie, owns and operates Ziebart in Morgantown, West Virginia. After a brief shut down due to the pandemic and some brainstorming, Nick and the Ziebart team decided to move their services to suit the need of the time and offer disinfectant services. Ziebart now offers a 90-day disinfectant treatment to emergency response vehicles for free to honor those who are still working during such challenging times. 

On the Positively West Virginia Podcast, hosted by Jim Matuga, recent guest Nick Lambie discussed his motivation for bringing the only Ziebart facility in West Virginia to Morgantown.

When Nick ended his service in the Airforce, he knew he wanted to own his own business. It was only by chance that Nick found Ziebarthimself in a Ziebart during a visit to New York. The quality of service and confidence in Ziebart products’ results inspired Nick to bring this style of care home to Morgantown, West Virginia. 

Nick said, “A lot of times, a vehicle is an extension of a personality, and you’ve got to love the vehicle that gets you there.” 

A simple and quick Google search became an application, and within 12 hours, Nick was on his way to becoming a part of the Ziebart’s franchise. 

Quality care with a personal touch is exactly what you should expect from an experience at Ziebart. This business thrives on individualized experiences that help you gain confidence in your vehicle, no matter what season. Nick says that Ziebart can give you the new car look and feel without the new car price. Ziebart services are a great way to take care of the car you love to make it drive its lifetime at full potential. 

Though Ziebart has only been in West Virginia for a year and a half, it has made a big impression. Nick attributes his success to his love for helping people and discussing individual needs with each customer. The personalized experience is a customer favorite too. 

According to Nick, if you eat, sleep and breathe your business and work harder than all the rest, then you can be the next small business owner in West Virginia. 

Listen to Nick’s full podcast episode here.


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  • PIECE OF ADVICE: “The hardest part is taking the leap, but it’s worth it,” advised Nick.