Brother & Sister Duo Start Successful Salt Works Business

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Well, when life gives you an ancient ocean trapped below the Appalachian Mountains of Kanawha Valley in West Virginia, you start a salt works business. That’s exactly what brother and sister, Nancy Bruns and Lewis Payne, seventh generation salt-makers, did.

J.Q. Dickinson Salt Works salt is naturally derived and completely organic. Bruns was a guest on the Positively West Virginia Podcast and shared a few pieces of advice she’s lived by since starting the business with her brother.

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How to Run a Small Business: Tips from Coalfield Development Owner, Brandon Dennison

When you own a company, there are many hard things you have to do including firing employees.

Brandon Dennison, owner of Coalfield Development, a community-based non-profit that gives individuals the ability to learn and grow while improving their communities (even during economic decline), talked with Positively West Virginia host, Jim Matuga, about the decisions an owner has to make for the sake of the business. Learn a few tips on how to run a small business below. 

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Building Employee Loyalty

Lisa Allen, president and CEO of Ziegenfelder Company in Wheeling, West Virginia, has made a career of making people smile and helping them find their happy place.

Ziegenfelder Company manufactures and sells Budget $aver® twin pops and other frozen treats worldwide.

Allen talked with Jim Matuga, host of Positively West Virginia, about her company and why she is so proud of the vision, value and culture behind it.

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Tips for Young West Virginia Entrepreneurs from Catch Cam Business

For young entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to know where to focus your energy. You have three or four projects you’re working on, a friend has a business idea, and you just heard about this cool new trend you want to try out. We know how that feels.

Beau Robinson, owner of Catch Cam Nets, sat down with Positively West Virginia podcast host, Jim Matuga, and talked with him about his tips for young West Virginia entrepreneurs.

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