Destiny Consultants – Providing a Medical Service That is Making a Difference

Aug 10, 2020 | Entrepreneurs, Government Contractor, Healthcare, Positively West Virginia

Tony Watson, the Vice President of Sales at Destiny Consultants, is woman-owned and a 100 percent Service-Disabled Veteran Small Business. This business provides medical equipment and services to the federal government. 

Watson talked with Jim Matuga, host of the Positively West Virginia Podcast, about his new business, growth during COVID-19 and his advice to young entrepreneurs.

What is your 30-second pitch for Destiny Consultants?

“We are bringing all of the medical products to all of the academic centers and VAs’. We have a unique position because the government sets aside thirty percent of their business to small businesses, and within that, three percent goes to women-owned businesses. If you are one of those businesses, you can step up and provide the need for products. This allows the small businesses to get some revenue, be involved in the government and create a little niche where the small businesses and veterans can perform,” said Watson.

What is the thing you are most excited about for your business right now?

“When something bad happens, it is a blessing in disguise. COVID-19 is the worst thing that could ever happen, but, we thought about what we can do to get through this and thrive. We have stepped up and started providing PPE and working with large manufacturers in the United States,”said Watson.

Are there opportunities in the medical supply industry for West Virginians?

“I am working on some research opportunities, and when COVID-19 hit, I was right in the middle of it. I saw manufacturing, and I was close to some of the people in the large medical companies during this time. We started to find some information about substantial transformation, bring products from overseas and put them together here,” said Watson.

What is the long term vision you have for Destiny Consultants?

“Our goal is to continue to provide services, but we also want to grow and become a legitimate product company that is a preferred Service-Disabled Veterans Owned Business for West Virginia and the surrounding areas. We want to get to the point where we could provide more jobs for the area and provide more services for our users,” said Watson.

How do you attract new customers?

“It is all about relationships, and sometimes you have to give a competitor something to receive something. Sometimes you have to go help another company succeed because it could be a blessing that your company would receive based on the outcome,” said Watson.

Tony Watson is an accomplished multifaceted sales leader with a proven track record in medical equipment and supplies. Their mission is simple: build a best in class distribution and service company that fully allows their customers to benefit from their products and services. All while delivering overwhelming service and spreading the power of optimism.

Watson was a guest on the Positively West Virginia Podcast. Listen to her full podcast here.


  • RECOMMENDED BOOK: EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey’s.
  • PIECE OF ADVICE: “ You cannot be scared to fail because you will fail miserably and when you fail you have to get up and keep moving,”advised Watson.


This article was written by the InnerAction Media staff.

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