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Samuel Bonasso is the founder and head roaster of Quantum Bean Coffee in Morgantown, WV. He’s been married for 7 years and has 2 young children. Samuel has a vision for cultivating a specialty coffee culture in the state of West Virginia.

Quantum Bean Coffee is a Micro Roaster of specialty coffee in the hills of West Virginia. They are focused on bringing the freshest and finest specialty coffee to the Morgantown area, and take great care in sourcing coffees responsibly by building relationships with the farmers who harvest it.






  • 3:00 Samuel, take a minute, fill in some gaps from that brief intro and give us a little behind the curtain look into your business.
  • 4:20 How did you get into coffee and roasting?
  • 7:25 Why do people congregate around coffee?
  • 9:08 What makes a good cup of coffee?
  • 11:28 What is your 30 sec. pitch for your business?
  • 13:20 What are you most excited about?
  • 14:19 Where is your customer base?
  • 16:00 Talk about your coffee.
  • 20:19 Best business moment?
  • 22:58 Worst business moment?
  • 25:00 What about coffee equipment?
  • 26:48 PWV Commercial Break
  • 27:16 What is your long term vision?
  • 28:25 How do you attract new customers?
  • 30:43 What are the current trends?
  • 33:37 What’s your favorite way to drink coffee?
  • 36:11 What kind of accessories that you sell?
  • 38:20 What piece of advice can you give to young entrepreneurs?
  • 40:20 What’s one thing you do everyday that contributes to your success?
  • 42:56 Is there anything else you’d like our listeners to know about your story?
  • 43:30 How can our listeners learn more about your business and perhaps even get in contact with you?
  • 44:37 Outro




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