Episode 196 – Ron & Matilda Fowler – French Creek Christmas Trees

Dec 2, 2021 | Positively West Virginia


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Married for 48 years (c. 1973), Ron and Matilda Fowler are owners of French Creek Christmas Trees. They have one son, two lovely grandchildren, and their number one farm greeter, Gus the Dog.

Ron graduated from WVU with a degree in Forestry. After working for the WV Division of Forestry, and self-employment with Consulting Forester, Ron worked for the WV Farm Bureau as a Field Service Representative. During this time, Ron and Matilda managed French Creek Christmas Trees.

Matilda graduated high school and went to work for the WV Department of Natural Resources, and then transitioned to the WV DHHR.

The couple sold their first Christmas tree in 1990 and have seen considerable growth since.


  • 3:10 How did you get started?
  • 4:45 Talk about the farm
  • 5:50 What kind of trees do you sell?
  • 7:20 How many trees can you grow?
  • 10:05 What can customers expect?
  • 11:50 What’s your business story?
  • 13:50 What’s your 30 second pitch?
  • 17:10 What are you most excited about?
  • 21:25 Best business moment?
  • 22:00 Worst business moment?
  • 24:05 PWV Commercial Break
  • 24:45 What’s your longterm vision?
  • 29:40 Biggest challenges?
  • 31:08 What’s one of your guiding principles?
  • 32:35 Piece of advice for young entrepreneurs?
  • 36:40 What’s one thing you do every day that contributes to your success?
  • 39:18 Anything else?
  • 42:25 Outro



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