Episode 198 – Patty Showers Ryan – Your Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia, Inc.

Dec 16, 2021 | Positively West Virginia


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Patty Showers Ryan became President of Your Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia, Inc. (YCF) in June 2016.

Ms. Ryan holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Colorado State University and returned home to Morgantown in 2002. Her career includes corporate and nonprofit work in Colorado, Maryland and West Virginia. Prior to joining YCF, she was employed with the West Virginia University Foundation for 14 years serving as the Director of Development at several schools including Dentistry, Pharmacy and Education.

As President, Ms. Ryan administers and develops all aspects of foundation management, while working closely with business professionals, community leaders and volunteers. Her other responsibilities include strategic operation and program planning, fiscal oversight of endowment and grant funds and property management.

She lives in Morgantown with her husband Mike Ryan and two children. In addition to attending her children’s activities, she enjoys hiking, photography and travel.


  • 3:25 Tell us about YCF.
  • 4:17 What region do you serve?
  • 7:30 How do people connect with YCF?
  • 10:50 How did you get involved with YCF?
  • 13:25 How is YCF organized?
  • 14:30 Best business moment?
  • 17:40 Worst business moment?
  • 20:27 PWV Commercial Break
  • 21:05 Talk about the match campaign.
  • 22:00 What’s your longterm vision?
  • 30:00 What’s one of your guiding principles in leadership?
  • 31:20 Piece of advice for a young person?
  • 32:35 What’s one thing you do every day that contributes to your success?
  • 33:10 Anything else?
  • 35:40 Outro



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