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Nicole Bostic grew up the affectionate Army Brat of her father––traveling back and forth from one military station to the next. Upon his retirement, Bostic took it upon herself to spread her wings and make her mark on the world. Finally, after nearly 20 years in Tennessee, her heart found its way back home. 

While in the Pigeon Forge area, Bostic spent most of her time working in the tourism and hospitality industry. During this time, she also supported herself through college and obtained a degree in Hospitality Management, with the hope of eventually returning to the hills of West Virginia.

Bostic worked for the Greenbrier and Canaan Valley Resort State Parks upon her fated return before transferring to Virginia for one year. Then, with a desire to work with children, she began working for Burlington United Methodist Family Services as a Case Aid in Foster Care.

“Children are my passion,” said Bostic. 

However, Nicole always had an itch for entrepreneurialism. So when selling primitives at festivals and craft shows didn’t scratch it, she recalled her time as a manager of Wacky Bear, a build-a-bear concept store. 

Catching the White Sulphur Springs small business boom’s infectious spirit and a sense that she could recreate a similar store, but better, Bostic went for it. 

Nicole opened Sugar Bear’s Fun Shop in 2019 in her hometown of White Sulphur Springs, the first of its kind in all of Greenbrier County. After 2.5 years of steady growth, the company has expanded to a storefront in the Crossroads Mall of Beckley, West Virginia.

“We’re like [Build-A-Bear] on sugar,” laughed Bostic.

With 170 rotating plush animals to stuff, dress, and play with, not to mention a host of obscure and nostalgic candies, like 160 flavors of saltwater taffy, there’s something for every child to enjoy. 

“When a child walks in and squeals,” said Bostic, “that’s when I know I’ve done my job the right way.” 

If you’d like to keep up with Nicole and Sugar Bear’s Fun Shop, you can visit www.sugarbearswv.com

Listen to the full podcast here: https://positivelywv.com/podcast/episode-203-nicole-bostic-sugar-bears-fun-shop/


  • PIECE OF ADVICE: “Treat people well,” advised Bostic.