Episode 206 – Laura Seybold – Shine Consulting LLC

Feb 9, 2022 | Positively West Virginia


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Laura Seybold is on a mission to recover what makes West Virginia “shine.” In 2019, she founded Shine Consulting, LLC, which focuses on developing an organization’s best asset – its people. 

Fascinated by Economics, Seybold obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Wright State University and an Executive MBA from West Virginia University. Equally fascinated by people, Laura spent 20 years in the talent industry working with several start-ups and Fortune 200s. She recently served as the Head of Global Talent Development at Viatris, formerly known as Mylan Pharmaceuticals.

More than life coaching, Shine Consulting has enabled Seybold to work in various industries, including textiles, human resources, aviation, natural resources, and individuals, including career planning. 

If you’re ready to take yourself, your team, or your company to the next level,” continued Seybold, “if you’re ready to shine – then let’s get started.” 

Shine Consulting is the unique intersection between a company’s business strategy and what she calls its people strategy. Her primary focus is maximizing a person or company’s potential, culture, and leadership legacy.

Additionally, Seybold hosts a regular Finish It! Workshop tailored toward encouraging women and mothers of children to set and accomplish their goals in life. She believes that people were made for more than a simple or ordinary life. In her own words, they were made to shine.

“I want the opportunity to help impact leaders,” said Seybold. “We’re in a crisis surrounding strong, good quality leaders in our day.” 

Finally able to pursue her vision in a full-time role, she is excited about her company’s future. Seybold hopes to roll out a new program for busy executives unable to get away on retreat in the coming months. She calls it “personal training for the leader.” 

Seybold serves on the Advisory Council for the John Chambers College of Business at WVU, is a Board Member for Libera, and serves as a Career Mentor through Everwise.

If you’d like to keep up with Laura and Shine Consulting LLC., you can visit www.wvshine.com.  


  • RECOMMENDED RESOURCE: Dare to Lead by Rene Brown

PIECE OF ADVICE: “Take time to figure out how you are uniquely positioned to serve others,” advised Seybold.

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