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An architect by trade, Brendan Fenn, has been living out his ‘happy retirement’ owning and operating Grindstone Coffeeology. 

Fenn and his family are from a land “down under.” They relocated from Australia to Huntington, West Virginia, in August of 2015. Although the move was part of his previous occupation, it didn’t take Fenn long to begin pursuing his longtime dream of owning a coffee company.

“There was an element of the community that was looking for something beyond what [Starbucks] was providing,” said Fenn. “Those early years were a part of us building our brand and that market.”

Grindstone Coffeeology was founded in early 2016 and operated out of their beloved coffee truck, Bonnie. In 2018, the Fenn’s purchased their first drive-thru location at 816 8th Street. In 2021, they opened a second location inside the Huntington Mall. 

The coffee shop offers a variety of specialty coffees, espresso drinks, and baked goods. 

The company recently started roasting its own coffee beans and is committed to developing its craft and wholesale side. A few of their favorite roasting blends are Columbian, Guatemalan, and Brazilian.

The company’s primary roaster, affectionately named Clyde, will be receiving an upgrade soon, which will help them to harness the micro-roasting market in West Virginia. 

“We roast specialty coffee and serve it every day,” said Fenn. “We want people to rediscover what coffee tastes like. 

The entire Fenn family has become West Virginias at heart. The married pair of Brendan and Helen hope for the future economic expansion of the state and to leave a legacy for their children –– aged 16 to 20 years of age. 

“People drink coffee, pay their taxes, and then die,” said Fenn. 

As far as we can tell, West Virginians are dying to get their coffee from Grindstone Coffeeology. 

If you’d like to keep up with Brendan and Grindstone Coffeeology, you can visit www.grindstonecoffeeology.com.


  • PIECE OF ADVICE: “Behind every successful person is a significant amount of coffee,” joked Fenn.