Episode 219 – Justin Whitman – UMuseUs

May 12, 2022 | Positively West Virginia

A love of folk, song, and dance is embedded in the West Virginia psyche. 

With a growing interest in events, concerts, and music venues, Justin Whitman found a niche needing to be filled. Whitman is the Founder and CEO of UMuseUs, a tech startup located in Berkeley County, West Virginia. 

UMuseUs exists to provide platforms, venues, and resources that empower musicians and music lovers alike to share, discover, interact, create, and more.

“My Dad bought me my first guitar. Then, I started playing with friends and fell in love with the drums, Djembe, and the Congos,” said Whitman. “I’ve always been passionate about doing something that would help musicians—to help them interact with each other.”

After spending nearly two decades working as a private consultant within the entertainment, sports, tech, telecommunications, development, and Fortune 50, 100, and 500 company sectors, Whitman knew it was time for a change—one with purpose. 

The UMuseUs site functions as the intersection of an online streaming platform and music bulletin board, providing information on upcoming events, competitions, and contests. 

“I’ve always been someone who likes to have my hands in a lot of different cookie jars,” said Whitman. “[But] in 2015, I decided that it’s time for me just to solely focus on what makes me happy, and that’s being the true entrepreneur that I am.”

Whitman is a Resident Entrepreneur at Vantage Ventures and the John Chambers College of Business and Economics at West Virginia University. 

“I think if people understand one thing, it’s that I’m in West Virginia, and I am here to stay,” said Whitman.  

If you’d like to keep up with Justin and UMuseUs, you can visit www.umuseus.com.  


  • PIECE OF ADVICE: “Pick up the phone and call the Small Business Development Center,” advised Whitman.
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