French Creek Christmas Trees: A Tree Farm for the Whole Family

Dec 2, 2021 | Agriculture, Entrepreneurs

Nestled on 50 acres of land in French Creek is a Christmas tree farm. Owned by Ron and Matilda Fowler, French Creek Christmas Trees has been steadily growing, like their trees, for over 30 years. 

“We’re just a hilly, West Virginia farm,” said Mr. Fowler.

The family-operated and friendly farm harvests 350-400 trees every Christmas, planting 1,000-2,000 seedlings annually, which take almost eight years to grow. 

A graduate of WVU with forays in Forestry and the WV Farm Bureau, Mr. Fowler has always had a knack for planting and nurturing. At the same time, Mrs. Fowler has had a career of her own with the WV DHHR and Department of Natural Resources, prompting the couple to learn to operate the farm through firsthand experience. 

“Farming is hard work,” said Mr. Fowler. 

From soils to seedlings and insect management to climate control, Mr. Fowler attributes their success to patience and getting up every morning for a day’s worth of work. 

The farm offers two major pine trees, Canaan Fir and White Needle. When families arrive, they get a coloring book (for the kids), candy-canes, and a bow saw. The couple has even begun to see third-generation customers return with their own children. 

The two like to play “the married game.” Based upon the time a couple spends purchasing and cutting down a Christmas tree, they can determine how long they’ve been married. The shorter stays usually indicate a longer marriage. 

The Fowler’s hope is to see their family farm inherited by their son and grandchildren and have a continuing legacy throughout North Central West Virginia.

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  • PIECE OF ADVICE: “Do something you love, and at least that you like,” advised Mrs. Matilda. 

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