What has manufacturing to do with West Virginia? In a word, a lot. Manufacturers in West Virginia account for 10.25% of the total output in the state and are responsible for almost 7% of the total workforce.

Host, Jim Matuga, sat down with David Rosier, President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing (WV), Rebecca McPhail, President of West Virginia Manufacturers Association, and Daniel Linville, West Virginia House of Delegates.

The panelists represent nearly $8 billion in revenue (c. 2018) and are among a number of highly-trained specialists hoping to cultivate a stronger economic experience in the state of West Virginia.

“We’re finding more and more the intersection between manufacturing and energy,” said Rebecca McPhail.

The WVMA represents manufacturers from across the state and access to experts in the area of environmental protection, workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, tax, safety, and other areas of interest to manufacturers.

“Manufacturers need to be at the table when it comes to energy growth and security, and how we’re going to transition to broaden our energy portfolio in the state,” said McPhail.

Another important figure in manufacturing in West Virginia is David Rosier, President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing (WV). Toyota broke ground on the new manufacturing plant in 1996.

“We have over 2000 employees producing the engine and transmissions of the most recognizable nameplates that Toyota offers in the state,” said Rosier. “We just celebrated our 25th-anniversary last year.”

Toyota is constantly thinking of ways to improve the human experience through their products and has put over $2B into the quality of the plant in Bluefield.

Manufacturing and grit go hand in hand—two words West Virginians know more about than most.

“We have such a great workforce in West Virginia,” said Rosier. “I am always so impressed with them. I stepped away for two years, and it reminded me how much I love the team members we have here.”

To follow the panelists’ stories and to learn more about each company, visit www.toyotamanufacturingjobs.com, www.wvma.com, and www.westvirginia.gov.