Positively West Virginia
Positively West Virginia
COVID-19 – Special Edition – Frank Vitale


Show notes:

Normally each week, on this podcast, we interview West Virginia business leaders and share their success stories.  
For the next few days – who knows how long that will be – we’re going to bring you daily special edition broadcasts specifically and intentionally around this basic question:  What can West Virginia businesses do – right now – to survive this current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic situation we’re all facing today?
When we first started this podcast project in 2017, we wanted to inspire people and equip people in West Virginia with examples of real-life entrepreneurs and businesses who built businesses in West Virginia.  
So, this new urgent situation that we all find ourselves in –  falls right in line with our mission of Positively West Virginia.
Every weekday, we will be bringing you these business briefings to help business owners and business leaders – especially small businesses – practical ideas to use today.  Right now.
Today,  I’m honored to have on the show – Frank Vitale.  Frank has served West Virginia in key leadership roles throughout his career, including as a banking executive, an officer for the West Virginia Board of Education and the chief human resources officer for KeyLogic Systems. Frank’s company Forge Business Solutions is a consulting firm, designed to help businesses find success, growth, and partnership.  Frank work includes –  Big Pharma | Dental Practice Management | Banking | Financial Services | Human Resources