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Positively West Virginia
Episode 108 - Rusty Isaacs - Mountaineer Roasting

Rusty Isaacs is the Owner of Mountaineer Roasting located in Morgantown, West Virginia – in Monongalia County. Rusty Isaacs was born in Charleston WV and lived there his entire life until he came to West Virginia University in 2011. Where he graduated with a degree in International Development. While in college he was a leader in the youth ministry Young Life and I was also very involved in a student run coffee company called First Hand.

Rusty spent some time on a coffee farm in Nicaragua that they sourced their coffee from and that was the moment that solidified his desire to work in the coffee industry. Right out of college he worked as a craft beer salesman for a beer distributor, but all the while was looking for an opportunity to break back into the coffee industry. He was offered a job in a new University building at a new coffee shop. Through a long series of events that job went from barista to manager to opening a roastery to being an owner in the roastery. The roastery – MOUNTAINEER ROASTING – has been operating for over two years now and they just opened their first coffee shop this past August. 





  • 3:53 Rusty take a minute, fill in some gaps from that brief intro and give us a little behind the curtain look into your company.
  • 5:00 How did you get started in this industry?
  • 9:25 What is your 30 second pitch?
  • 11:53 What is the thing you’re most excited about for your organization – right now?
  • 12:40 What is the geographic area you serve?
  • 13:42 How many employees you have?
  • 14:02 What is the best business moment you have had so far?
  • 15:00 What was your worst business moment you have had so far?
  • 16:21 What was the one take away?
  • 17:10 Positively West Virginia Commercial Break
  • 17:43 What is the vision for your company long-term?
  • 19:56 Talk about what coffee culture means to you.
  • 22:08 How do you get the word out?
  • 23:57 What is the biggest challenge you face right now?
  • 25:17 What is one piece of advice you would give a young entrepreneur?
  • 26:17 What is one thing you do every day that contributes to your success?
  • 27:00 What is one podcast you would recommend?


  • 27:50 What is one resource that you cant live without?
  • 28:37 What is your favorite coffee?
  • 30:30 Do you have a coffee subscription service?
  • 31:13 Is there anything else you would like people to know about your company?
  • 31:56 What is your favorite method of coffee brewing?
  • 33:00 How can our listeners learn more about your company and contact you?




(304) 380-1111