Positively West Virginia
Positively West Virginia
Episode 115 - Kevin Coombs - Country Roads Angel Network


Kevin Combs  is the Founder and Chairman of Country Roads Angel Network headquartered in, West Virginia.

Supporting entrepreneurs in West Virginia, the Country Roads Angel Network provides accredited investors the opportunity to invest in and, where beneficial, mentor West Virginia based start-ups.  The network’s purpose is to provide opportunities for investors to create financial returns, while providing a much needed, missing piece of the entrepreneurial financing ecosystem in West Virginia. 







  • 3:52 Kevin take a minute, fill in some gaps from that brief intro and give us a little behind the curtain look into your company.
  • 8:00 Have a good idea? Reach out to CRAN? 
  • 9:05 Run down of experiences in big pharma and tech
  • 10:40 What is your 30 sec pitch?
  • 12:23 What is the thing that you are most excited about for your company – right now?
  • 14:03 What geographic market you serve?
  • 16:09 How many employees do you have/ can you talk about your employees?
  • 17:56 What is the best business moment you have had so far?
  • 20:07 Positively West Virginia Commercial Break
  • 20:40 Vision for CRAN long term?
  • 22:30 What is the biggest challenge you’re facing right now?
  • 24:21 Any popular/ specific business sectors anticipating partnership with?
  • 27:30 What is one piece of advice you would give a young entrepreneur?
  • 30:10 One thing you do everyday that contributes to your success? 
  • 32:02 Book or podcast to recommend to listeners?
  • 34:53 Is there anything else you would like people to know about your company or story?
  • 36:46 How can our listeners learn more about your company and contact you?
  • 39: 12 Outro