Positively West Virginia
Positively West Virginia
Episode 131 - Gina Jordan and Victoria Kesner - Gina's Soft Cloth Shop








  • 3:06 Gina and Victoria, take a minute, fill in some gaps from that brief intro and give us a little behind the curtain look into your company.
  • 3:56 How/ when did you get started in this business?
  • 7:54 What is your 30 sec. pitch for The Soft Cloth Shop?
  • 9:17 What draws people to The Soft Cloth Shop? What are your best selling products?
  • 11:47 What are you most excited about right now for The Soft Cloth Shop?
  • 13:15 What is the secret to selling your handmade products on Amazon?
  • 16:09 Do you think the shift towards online shopping during the pandemic gave your business a new opportunity?
  • 17:01 What is the best business moment you’ve had so far?
  • 18:38 When was your business tagged in a post on Amazon’s Instagram?
  • 18:47 What was your takeaway from being tagged in that post?
  • 19:44 What is the worst business moment you’ve had so far?
  • 21:33 PWV Commercial Break
  • 22:09 What is the long term vision you have for The Soft Cloth Shop?
  • 24:00 What is one of the biggest challenges your business is facing right now?
  • 26:20 What is one piece of advice that you would give to young business owners/ entrepreneurs in WV?
  • 28:04 What is one book or podcast that you’d recommend for aspiring business owners or entrepreneurs?
  • 31:02 Is there anything else you would like our listeners to know about The Soft Cloth Shop or your story?
  • 33:10 How can our listeners learn more about The Soft Cloth Shop or get in contact with you?
  • 34:35 Outro