Positively West Virginia
Episode 150 - Amy McLaughlin - Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals


Amy McLaughlin is the managing partner of Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals in West Virginia.

In 2013, Amy and her husband, Shawn Means, lovingly remodeled the historic building that now houses Lafayette Flats. It sits directly across from the courthouse in downtown Fayetteville, WV.

Together they created four modern vacation rentals inside one historic building. Each one is unique and meticulously curated to include everything guests need to feel comfortable. But, Lafayette Flats is more than just a five-star getaway. At Lafayette Flats, guests are immersed in West Virginia’s contemporary culture.

The bold, modern interior design is juxtaposed thoughtfully against the building’s historic character, and each flat is filled with original, local art and West Virginia literature.

Amy is passionate about creating a fresh narrative for her home state of West Virginia, and she’s designed a very creative way to share the story.


  • 3:14 Amy, take a minute, fill in some gaps from that brief intro and give us a little behind the curtain look into Baker Cheese Company.
  • 4:20 How did you get started in the boutique vacation rental business?
  • 6:12 Is this your first entrepreneurial venture?
  • 6:18 What did you do before you started Lafayette Flats?
  • 7:39 What is your 30 sec. pitch for Lafayette Flats?
  • 8:44 Can you tell us more about your business model?
  • 9:43 Who designed the different spaces?
  • 10:24 What are you most excited about for Lafayette Flats right now?
  • 11:55 What’s the geographic market that you serve?
  • 13:00 Can you talk a little bit more about the narrative/ story of WV that you’d like folks to understand?
  • 15:17 How many employees do you have?
  • 15:44 What has been your best business moment so far?
  • 17:18 What has been your worst business moment so far?
  • 18:13 What is one lesson you learned through the renovation process?
  • 18:55 PWV Commercial Break
  • 19:21 What is the long term vision you have for Lafayette Flats?
  • 20:17 What is the name of the company that will be leasing space on your first floor?
  • 21:41 How do you use your unique business model to attract new customers?
  • 23:10 What’s one of the biggest challenges you’re facing right now?
  • 24:50 What is one piece of advice that you’d give to young entrepreneurs/ business owners or maybe somebody who has a rental property and is thinking about turning it into a Vrbo?
  • 26:28 What is one thing that you do everyday that you think contributes to your success?
  • 28:20 How did you come up with the idea for the residency program?
  • 30:48 What is one book or podcast that you’d recommend for aspiring entrepreneurs?
  • 32:29 Is there anything else you’d like our listeners to know about your story or Lafayette Flats?
  • 33:10 What is the best way for people to learn more about Lafayette Flats and maybe even get in contact with you?
  • 33:45 Outro




Book Recommendation: Your Brain on Nature: The Science of Nature’s Influence on Your Health, Happiness, and Vitality by Alan C. Logan