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Episode 202 - Forest “Jack” Bowman - Jackson Kelly Professor of Law Emeritus at West Virginia University

Forest “Jack” Bowman is the Jackson Kelly Professor of Law Emeritus at West Virginia University and a lifelong West Virginian. He taught law at WVU for twenty-three years, during which time he was named “Professor of the Year” by an unprecedented seven graduating classes. In 1988, he was named “Professor of the Year” for all of higher education in West Virginia by the Faculty Merit Foundation of West Virginia.

In his retirement, Jack has written two novels; “All Our Yesterdays,” the story of a much-wronged orphan boy’s revenge on his tormentors and “The Secret of the 48th Foot,” which is about the search for the chest of gold and silver coins that disappeared following General Edward Braddock’s 1755 defeat by the French & their Indian allies. “All Our Yesterdays” is currently available on Amazon.com. The Secret of the 48th Foot will be available after the first of the year.





  • 4:15 Tell us about yourself.
  • 5:25 Tell us about your new book.
  • 10:17 Where do you find character inspiration?
  • 12:00 What interests you in History?
  • 15:25 Tell us about your second book.
  • 18:25 What is like being an author?
  • 20:35 Best entrepreneurial moment? 
  • 20:35 What’s the key to public speaking?
  • 26:20 PWV Commercial Break
  • 26:50 What’s your longterm vision?
  • 29:50 Piece of advice for a young person?
  • 35:15 What’s one thing you do every day that contributes to your success?
  • 40:10 Outro 

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All Our Yesterdays, by Forest Bowman

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