Roger and Crista Johnson

Roger and Crista Johnson, owners of Screech Owl Brewing

Roger and Crista Johnson are the owners of Screech Owl Brewing. Screech Owl is located not far from the Maryland and Pennsylvania borders in Preston County. Roger and Crista have been transforming their farm into a thriving, award-winning small-batch brewery, Screech Owl Brewing, and their associated tap room, Spent Grain Cafe. Roger and Crista began this adventure several years ago as a means for Rodger to stay home after 21 years as a truck driver traveling all across the country.




  • 2:33 Fill in the gaps of that brief introduction.
  • 3:09 When did you start Screech Owl Brewing?
  • 4:26 How did you get started?
  • 6:05 What is your 30 second elevator pitch?
  • 7:28 Talk about some of your most popular brews.
  • 8:54 What are some of the ingredients?
  • 10:18 What types of grain typically go into beer?
  • 13:30 What is your production capacity right now?
  • 15:16 How many folks do you have working there?
  • 15:54 What is the geographic market that you serve?
  • 18:31 Positively West Virginia Commercial Break.
  • 19:06 What is the long term vision for Screech Owl?
  • 23:12 What is one piece of advice you would give young entrepreneur?
  • 23:38 What is one thing you do every day that contributes to your success?
  • 25:39 What is one book you would recommend?

Quench Your Own Thirst: Business Lessons Learned Over a Beer or Two

  • 29:47 What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?