Jeremy Harris

Jeremy Harris, CEO of IT Mind Share

Logan Hartle, president of Warwood Tool Company in Wheeling, West Virginia.

National Small Business Week was recognized in West Virginia on May 5 to 11, 2019. As part

of the celebration of the best that the Mountain State has to offer, the US Small Business

Administration honored six of the state’s top small businesses during an afternoon awards

ceremony that week at Fairmont’s Robert H. Mollohan Research Center.

Two recent guests on The Positively West Virginia Podcast were honored with prestigious

awards from the SBA: Small Business Exporter of the Year Logan Hartle, President, and Mike

Carl, CEO, from Warwood Tool Co. located in Wheeling, West Virginia and Veteran-Owned

Small Business of the Year Jeremy Harris, owner of IT Mindshare, located in Morgantown,

West Virginia.Today, we’d like to offer some of their best advice they shared on their podcast episodes with host, Jim Matuga. We hope their stories and their wisdom inspire you.

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