Julie Bryan is the Executive Director of SPARK! Imagination and Science Center located in Morgantown, West Virginia – in Monongalia County. SPARK! Imagination and Science Center is a non-profit hands-on children’s museum and science center that inspires people of all ages to explore science and the arts through hands-on exhibits and programs that spark a lifelong love of learning. Spark’s museum has exhibits that encourage visitors to explore nanoscience, engineering, dinosaurs, outerspace, health and their own imaginations.

 Julie Bryan has been with the museum since 2011. She fell in love with museum work while working at the Arizona State Museum in Tucson, Arizona. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Classics, she worked at the Tucson Children’s Museum. In 2015, she received the Small Museum Association – Hunter-Burley award which recognizes an individual’s outstanding contributions to the advancement of public access and professional growth for an individual institution.





  • 3:11 Julie take a minute, fill in some gaps from that brief intro and give us a little behind the curtain look into your company.
  • 3:59 How did you get started in this line of work?
  • 5:12 Are there any other children’s museums in WV?
  • 8:18 What’s your 30 second pitch for Hoot and Howl?
  • 9:04 What is the thing you’re most excited about for your organization – right now?
  • 15:28 How are you funded and how many employees do you have?
  • 17:48 What geographic area are you serving?
  • 19:08 Positively West Virginia Commercial Break
  • 19:40 What’s the vision for your company – long term?
  • 21:44 Where are you located right now?
  • 22:30 How do you attract new customers?
  • 23:26 What is the biggest challenge you face right now?
  • 24:24 What would you say to potential donors?
  • 25:08 What is the one thing you do every day that contributes to your success?
  • 26:28 What is one resource you use that you can’t live without?


  • 27:49 What does it take to be an effective leader?
  • 28:54 What does it take to be an effective follower?
  • 29:50 How can our listeners learn more about your company and contact you?


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