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Key Logic, Jon Hammock

KeyLogic, Jon Hammock

KeyLogic is a leading provider of professional services and engineering solutions for research and development technologies that transform how federal agencies operate. We specialize in developing unique solutions, bolstered by exceptional service and comprehensive capabilities, that improve an organization’s technology management, business intelligence, data analytics, budget formulation and biometrics.

KeyLogic supports critical domestic and global missions within the federal government, including at energy, national security and civilians agencies. They ensure their clients have the ability to unlock their full potential and empower them to reimagine their approach to mission success. Thanks to their approach to anticipating their clients’ needs, KeyLogic has never had a one-time customer since our founding in 1999. KeyLogic holds both an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification and a CMMI Maturity Level 3 appraisal.

Jon Hammock, President, CEO, and Founder of KeyLogic Systems, Inc., has over 25 years of technical and management experience. From the beginning, KeyLogic was founded on the philosophy of building great client relationships through deep partnerships and thought leadership. These principles are still at the heart of KeyLogic and are clearly seen in the corporate mission and vision.

Show Notes:

  • 00:29-3:10: Jim introduces today’s guest of the show, Jon Hammock, President, CEO, and Founder of KeyLogic Systems. Jim fills the listeners in on some background of Hammock and hid business and asks him to fill in some of the gaps and provide a behind the curtain look …
  • 3:11-5:15: Jon Hammock talks about his West Virginia roots, his time as a student at WVU, how he received no job offers from inside state, leaving West Virginia, and the tech movement that brought him back home to West Virginia to launch KeyLogic.
  • 5:16-5:18: What year did you start KeyLogic?
  • 5:19-5:26: Hammock started KeyLogic Systems in 1999 so they just entered their 20th year.
  • 5:27-5:44: What’s your 30 second elevator pitch for Key Logic Systems?
  • 5:45-6:56: “We are primarily focused on supporting the federal government agencies. Our solutions involve the intersection of 3 types of capabilities the engineering solutions…, the program project management…, and business intelligence…”
  • 6:58-7:10: How did you get into this, providing solutions primarily for the federal government?
  • 7:11-8:08: “Throughout my career… I’ve always directly or indirectly supported federal agencies… You want to create an organization and an environment that has meaningful work and makes a difference in the world… we all know how important our nation is… and to be able to touch that… was a big motivation to do what we do.”
  • 8:09-8:20: What’re you most excited about for KeyLogic?
  • 8:21-9:44: “Really excited about both regionally and nationally the importance of this area from our national energy policy…Also on the technology side we’re increasingly getting more involved in cyber and biometrics… artificial intelligence capabilities.”
  • 9:45-10:11: What was your worst business moment?
  • 10:12-12:02: Hammock talks about the many small bad experiences but about how he loves what he does, and it outweighs the discouraging times as an entrepreneur.
  • 12:03-12:33: What was your take away going through some tough times as a start up?
  • 12:34-14:46: “Staying true to what you know and not losing that confidence and also go chasing the next trend…”
  • 14:47-15:08: How many employees do you have on your team right now?
  • 15:08-15:14: “A little under 300, I think we’re approaching 270.”
  • 15:15-15:22: What would you say is the best thing about being in business in West Virginia?
  • 15:23-17:26: “The work force, we just have great folks here, we have great talent…There’s a sense of community that exists here in West Virginia and specifically Morgantown that we don’t always see…”
  • 17:27-18:02: Jim takes a second to mention the sponsors…What’s your long-term vision?
  • 18:03-21:06: “We’re not order takers, we’re thought leaders… If we can make our customer successful, then our business becomes successful…growth is life…we’re focused on growth but the right kind of growth, maintaining our culture, giving a right service delivery, and doing that through value and innovation.”
  • 21:07-21:36: What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone who has the entrepreneurial itch?
  • 20:49-24:37: “I think at the center it is having the confidence to believe… you got to equip yourself and believe….you’ve got to surround yourself with smart people and experts but the biggest piece of advice is knowing when to listen to the experts and when to ignore them…there’s no single piece of advice that can trump your vision or desire for what you want to do…visualizing and projecting yourself into that future state…you’ve got to be bold enough to put your goals out there…”
  • 24:38-24:43: What’s one thing you do every day that contributes to your success?
  • 24:44-25:42: “I think it’s believing…you’ve got to overpower, you got to see through, you’ve got to constantly set that vision…
  • 25:43-25:46: What’s one resource you use in your business, you can’t live without?
  • 25:47-26:54: “Our leadership team, the advice and input of folks…I’ll tell you something that was really valuable to me was a few years ago I joined a CEO peer group…”
  • 26:55-27:11: What’s one book you would recommend to aspiring entrepreneurs?
  • 27:12-28:28: “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey, “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, and “Lucky or Smart” by Bo Peabody
  • 28:29-29:05: If you could meet anyone in West Virginia who could help grow your business who would it be?
  • 29:06-30:11: “Continue to develop the relationships we have with our customers we have in West Virginia…other business leaders… when people are fearless and don’t have much to lose, that’s where bold ideas are born.”
  • 30:12-30:33: How can our listeners learn more about you and KeyLogic?
  • 30:34-31:03: “ is a great resource of information…we try to be active on social media as well… and I’m always open to conversation, if folks what to reach out to me, I’d love to talk to them and I’ll share what I can…”
  • 31:04- 31:16: Is there anything you would like to leave our listeners with?
  • 31:17-31:54: “I’ll end where you started the importance of what we do here in West Virginia, holding up and celebrating the successes we have… Let’s keep pushing West Virginia forward because there’s unbound capabilities in front of us.”
  • 31:55-CLOSE: Jim thanks Jon Hammock for joining him on another episode of Positively West Virginia and recognizes the amazing sponsors of the show that allow great business stories like this one to be told.