Jobs for Life Video Recently Produced For Christian Help With Robinette Legal Group Donation

Dec 14, 2018 | Entrepreneurs, Positively West Virginia

InnerAction Media (IAM) recently produced a Jobs for Life (JFL) video for Christian Help with a philanthropic donation from Robinette Law Group.

A Faith Based Job Skills Program that is Changing Lives from InnerAction Media on Vimeo.

JFL is an international, faith-based, personal development course that uses powerful tools to transform lives and empower people who need it.

Christian Help introduced the JFL course to the Morgantown area in 2013. The course teaches individuals how to overcome roadblocks in personal and professional lives. This course also helps students discover their unique value. JFL is open to anyone who is unemployed, underemployed or is struggling to find a clean career direction.

The JFL video was produced to increase volunteer sign-ups and volunteer education to promote the program and will be shown in churches and through social media.

Producing the film for Jobs For Life and Christian Help was an amazing experience,” said Liza Heiskell, video producer at IAM. “We had the opportunity to interview five people involved with the program. They ranged from a program director to a student. The two students that we interviewed were so diverse in their background, their ethnicity and in the challenges they faced in finding a job. Hearing the stories of their transformation and the stories of countless others were inspiring.”

Jobs for Life

Amanda Ejimofor, JFL director

The JFL video encompasses interviews with two mentors, Bruce Lane and Sonja Bailey Gibson, and their mentees, Di Peng and Tina Johnson, as well as the JFL director, Amanda Ejimofor.

“The key is not to just find a job, but it’s how they keep a job,” Lane said. “They [Christian Help] actually brought Christ into the program as a way to have a good foundation of helping people find their faith and find a way to help support them through the process.”


“I was doing my masters in statistics at West Virginia University,” Peng said. “It was time for me to look for a job, but I didn’t know where to start. Jobs for Life has changed my life in many different ways. I met a lot of nice people, and I know life is not just about ourselves.”


“When I first met Di in the very first class, he was reserved,” Lane said. “I guess the term could be metamorphosis. He really got to the point where he was comfortable.”


“I really needed a job, but in my mind couldn’t figure out how I was going to get one because of my disability,” Johnson said. “Because of the JFL program, it gave me more confidence, and it helped me a lot.”


“It was an honor to serve the community by utilizing the talents of our IAM team to help tell the powerful story of how JFL helps people in need,” said Jim Matuga, founder and CEO of IAM. “We’ve collaborated with Robinette Legal Group on other non-profit community projects. Their firm is always so supportive and selfless in assisting these organizations in helping to get the word out regarding their valuable services.”

Christian Help has been serving the Morgantown community since 1975. All of the programs and projects provided are free and open to the public. Christian Help is supported through volunteers, financial contributions and in-kind donations given by the surrounding community.

Robinette Law Group was founded by Jeff Robinette. Robinette began his career representing insurance companies and defending personal injury lawsuits. Now, Robinette Law Group fights for injury victims.

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