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Apr 25, 2022 | Business Mastermind

Coming down from the COVID-19 pandemic, a question swirling in the minds of most West Virginians surrounds the state of things in the small-town workforce. Are jobs readily available? How has the pandemic affected small businesses and corporations throughout the state? 

Hosts Paige Malenock and Mary Cook sat down with Bill Carter, President & Owner of Mountaineer Employment Solutions; Richard Rosner, Workforce Specialist at Mountaineer Employment Solutions; and Kayla Bailey, Chief Operating Officer of Multitude Foods.

The panelists are among a number of highly-trained specialists in their respective fields and are hoping to cultivate a stronger workforce for the future of our state. 


“We’re not only impacting their life; we’re impacting their family’s life,” said Bill Carter. “We’re impacting the West Virginia economy by our [job-placement] efforts. That’s the mission of our company.” 

Mountaineer Employment Solutions is West Virginia’s premier talent acquisition and staffing leader. The company is dedicated, innovative, and experienced, with a unique knowledge of our people-powered industry.

“We’re not just placing positions,” continued Carter. “We’re placing people’s lives in careers that will make a difference.” 

The talent acquisition company is a major hitter in the state, with areas of expertise in the Clerical, Industrial, Technical, Medical, Hospitality, Personnel, Distribution, and Manufacturing industries. 

Another fortuitous entrepreneur is Kayla Bailey, who has a mission to feed the multitudes one box at a time.

Multitude Foods is a food packaging service for students and the elderly in West Virginia by aiding against food insecurity through boxed meals—providing five breakfast and lunch meals per box. 

“We have so much opportunity in the state and we’re losing our young people,” said Bailey. “We need better high-paying jobs, better benefits, more business, more things to do.” 

Multitude Foods utilizes West Virginia vendors, ensuring that food quality and standards are never too far from home. To follow the panelists’ stories and to learn more about each company, visit and

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