West Virginia Farmer Find’s His Passion While Pursuing “Dream Job”

Jan 28, 2021 | Agriculture, Positively West Virginia

Brad Gritt is part of the Gritt family, which has been farming in Buffalo, West Virginia, since 1927. In this time, Gritt’s Farm has become a household name within the state, and for a good reason. This family-friendly farm began as a small operation but has grown to be a three, and soon four, season farm experience. 

This week on Positively West Virginia, hosted by Jim Matuga, Brad Gritt shares his experience of what it means to be an asset to your community through food. Today Brad proudly serves his community, but this passion wasn’t always so evident to him.

Just after graduating college, Brad left West Virginia to move to Salt Lake City, Utah, with a friend, where he worked his predetermined “dream job” as an investment banker. Slowly but surely, this farm boy began longing for his roots and realized that he would never be happy working indoors. In 2013, Brad returned home and has been happily running Gritt’s Farm ever since. 

Gritt’s is more than a farm, and that’s the way they like it. This small business sells produce, flowers and experiences for all different kinds of folks. Brad said, “The reason we do all of this is for the betterment of our community. You just don’t get that connection in a grocery store setting.”

Brad is right; the personal relationships and memories that you can make at The Farm are priceless. Gritt’s Farm is a place that you can share an experience and provide for your family and the community all at once. Much of Gritt’s success is due to the constant effort to modernize and embrace change. Over the years, Gritt’s Farm has developed a commitment to welcoming new ideas and updating its space to be as accommodating and efficient as possible. 

Some of the ways they’ve modernized include an excellent social media presence, networking with farms internationally and diversifying their offerings. Gritt’s seasonally offers everything from produce and flowers to live music and family events. The Farm also just planted its first crop of Christmas trees and is on its way to becoming a four-season farm!

Gritt’s Farm is committed to sustaining its community and growth for West Virginia. They do this through the experiences they offer at The Farm and directly working with the community. Most of the staff are locals from Buffalo, including youth volunteers who get the opportunity to interact with and support their community. This creates a sense of pride and cooperation that can only come from something that is genuinely home-grown. 

While the idea of experiencing a new place can sound enticing, Brad plans to continue growing The Farm and nurturing their connection with their local community. By bringing fresh ideas home and changing with the times, Gritt’s Farm will continue to lead the pack of West Virginia small farms. Brad said, “Why not make the grass greener on your side of the fence?” 

Listen to Brad’s whole podcast here: https://positivelywv.com/podcast/episode-152-brad-gritt-gritts-farm/


  • RECOMMENDED RESOURCE: Research new trends
  • RECOMMENDED BOOK: The Experience Economy by B. Joseph Pine II, James H. Gilmore
  • PIECE OF ADVICE:Be adaptable and ready to change,” advised Brad.

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