Starting a New Business: What You Need to Know

When starting a new business, it’s understandable that you may not want to scrap ideas; however, it’s important to understand the delicate balance between seeing an idea out and booting it.

Meredith Young, COO of Mountaineer Brand, talked with Jim Matuga, host of the Positively West Virginia Podcast, about the balance that they went through with their business.

Importance of Customer Engagement

When you work in the craft beer industry, listening to your customers and knowing the importance of customer engagement is key. Learn two other business tips from the Parkersburg Brewing Co. team.

Building Employee Loyalty

Lisa Allen, president and CEO of Ziegenfelder Company in Wheeling, West Virginia, has made a career of making people smile and helping them find their happy place.

Ziegenfelder Company manufactures and sells Budget $aver® twin pops and other frozen treats worldwide.

Allen talked with Jim Matuga, host of Positively West Virginia, about her company and why she is so proud of the vision, value and culture behind it.