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Aug 19, 2019 | Positively West Virginia

Andrew Goldbaugh is the Owner of Goldbaugh Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation. Goldbaugh was born and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia and is a 2007 graduate of Wheeling Park High School. Following high school, he attended West Virginia University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology. While at West Virginia University, he was also a four-year member of the Mountaineer football team. 

Following his time at West Virginia University, he attended Logan University where he earned a second Bachelor’s degree in Life Science, a Masters’s degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation and a Doctor of Chiropractic. He now owns and operates Goldbaugh Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation in Wheeling and spends his free time with his wife, Natalie and his two daughters Emma, aged 7 and Nora, aged 3.

Goldbaugh talked with Jim Matuga, host of The Positively West Virginia Podcast, about his business, his plans for the future and his advice to young entrepreneurs. 

How did you get started in this line of work?live a pain free life

“I always knew I wanted to get into some type of medical field. I knew treating patients was always what Iwanted to do. When I was in high school playing football I suffered a back injury and I went to a chiropractor in Wheeling and never missed a game,” said Goldbaugh. “Fast forward a few years later, I was at West Virginia University. I had the same back injury; however, they didn’t recommend I see a chiropractor when I was on the football team. They did some other treatments and it just kept me down for months. Then it really got me thinking, alright maybe there’s something to this chiropractic thing. I started doing a lot more research on it and just ultimately decided that’s what I wanted to do.”

What is your 30-second pitch?

“We are unique. Aside from chiropractic work, we do also physical therapy. We are able to do physical therapy exercises because of my Master’s degree in Rehabilitation.  We have a full-time massage therapist as well so you can come to our office to get chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and massage therapy all in one visit.”

What’s the vision for your company long-term?

“More clinics. I would love to open up satellite clinics and have other chiropractors owning those. Sometimes it’s really difficult and very scary to start a business, so if I can assist other chiropractors in that process and help them open up their clinics and get them up and going, that’s the ultimate goal.” 

What’s one of the biggest challenges you face?

“I would have to say insurance companies. Primarily, we treat patients and accept their insurance. The insurance game is just changing and that’s the biggest hiccup. Sometimes people don’t have a lot of cash at their exposure to get the treatment that they need. So, they really rely on their insurance. Sometimes we just have to get creative and do what we need to do to get the patient better while still operating, trying to make some money and keeping the doors open,” said Goldbaugh.

Goldbaugh was a guest on The Positively West Virginia Podcast. Listen to his full podcast here


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  • PIECE OF ADVICE: “Be prepared. It’s not going to be easy.” advised Goldbaugh.






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