Hailing from the backcountry roads of Summersville, West Virginia, this small town winery is making inroads to major corporations across the country. Once the smallest licensed winery in the United States, Kirkwood Winery distributes to a total of 41 states. Last year alone, they produced 40,000 bottles of wine.

Frank and Elizabeth Dix are newcomers to the wine and distillery business. Once property owners and managers, the two stumbled upon the nearly 40-acre property of vineyards and farmland some four years ago.

The 30-year-old winery has a long and tenured history throughout the hills of Appalachia. Started in 1984 and the first of its kind in the region, the Dix family longs to preserve its legacy.

Kirkwood produces mostly sweet wines, with Blackberry as the top seller year after year. And a newly curated ramp wine promises to elevate your cooking and tastebuds to the next level. The Dix family also owns and produces from their Isaiah Morgan Distillery, which is a compilation of moonshine, whiskey and bourbon on a limited release basis.

The couple boasts about the community they’ve become a part of. Unlike major cities in the country, West Virginians work hard to support their own. By helping ones in need, they’re promoting the strength of their industry for years to come.

Regarding his community, Frank said, “We’re a family, not competition.”

The Dix’s look forward to their next adventure on the property, with the addition of their wedding and major event planning venue. The venue bolsters a newly constructed pavilion, small house and a bar on the inside for parties and other get-togethers.

As co-owners of Kirkwood Winery, quitting their jobs to pursue a new dream was the leap of faith neither of them expected.

“It’s not been easy,” said Elizabeth, “but it has been worth it.”

Frank and Elizabeth hold a Grape Stomp Festival at their winery every third weekend of September. This year, Kirkwood Winery will host its 30th annual festival. Guests can expect to find food and craft vendors, wine tasting and grape stomping and two days of Appalachian entertainment.

The festival will be held on the 17th and 18th of September, and weddings are available for booking.

If you’d like to keep up with Frank and Elizabeth, you can visit www.kirkwood-wine.com.

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PIECE OF ADVICE: “If you have ambitions and dreams, go out there and chase them. Don’t be afraid,” advised Elizabeth.