Quantum Bean Coffee is from humble stock, beginning its life out of the back of Samuel Bonasso’s small apartment. Today, the small cafe and roastery is widely recognized as a member of Mountaineer Country’s upper echelon of specialty coffee shops.

Bonasso is the founder and head roaster of Quantum Bean, located in Morgantown’s historic South Park neighborhood. His mission is simple: To bring the freshest and finest specialty coffee to the hills of West Virginia. 

On a particular morning stroll through his former Californian neighborhood, Bonasso stopped for a cup of coffee at Caffe Calabria. In his own words, “It was the cup of coffee that changed my life,” and it was that cup that would inevitably encourage Bonasso into the world of coffee and roasting techniques. 

The shop focuses on a ‘farm to cup’ approach, educating customers on the total lifespan of a cup of coffee, including seed germination to the flavors you experience at the point of a sip.

Coffee is the great equalizer of persons, with fellowship and friendship often curated around a warm cup of joe. As the second-largest commodity in the world, the coffee industry continues to bolster local economies and communities. 

Early on, Bonasso was unsure if he had anything to say with respect to coffee roasting, and after an ice storm that nearly wiped out his small operation, Bonasso found himself asking, “Is this [really] for me?”

Over the years, Bonasso has found his voice, and the growing Monongalia region is beginning to hear him loud and clear. He now hopes to sustain their recent success by managing growth and maintaining the special connection they’ve made with the supportive community. 

“Even if you don’t know if you love coffee, [you should] stop by,” said Bonasso. “If there’s something in this world for you, we’re the ones to help you find it.”

Bonasso’s favorite coffee is their Vista Al Bosque, a blend from the Way Way Region of Guatemala. Quantum Bean Coffee is a go-to place in Morgantown with several other uniquely crafted blends and specialty roasts. 

If you’d like to keep up with Samuel Bonasso at Quantum Bean Coffee, you can visit www.quantumbean.com

Listen to the full podcast here: https://positivelywv.com/podcast/episode-188-samuel-bonasso-quantum-bean-coffee/


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  • PIECE OF ADVICE: “Do what you love, and you’ll carry it with you forever,” said Bonasso.