At the age of 19, Kim Landis, owner and broker of the successful West Virginia realty business, Landis Realty, obtained her real estate license. Shortly after opening her own office, her seven year old son suffered a severe burn accident, and she found herself piled with medical bills. Landis’ son pulled through his accident, and her business succeeded. Landis was a guest on the Positively West Virginia Podcast where she shared her story and advice with host, Jim Matuga.

Go after what you want.

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Kim Landis, Broker/Owner Landis Realty

When Landis was a young woman, David Curtis, a real estate broker and developer in Canaan Valley, told her she would be a great sales agent because she always went after what she wanted.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who is just starting out, don’t hesitate to go after your business idea.

Make sure that you have a business plan, financial options and resources that provide help to small businesses in place such as WVU Extension Services and the Small Business Association.

Landis advises that one should go into a business that makes them feel “full of life.”  Between starting her career and opening her business, Landis worked three to four jobs.

When tragedy strikes, keep going.

Shortly after opening her office in Canaan Valley, her family went through a tragedy. Her youngest son, age seven at the time, suffered severe burns and had to be airlifted to a Pittsburgh hospital.

The economy was failing, and medical bills piled up.After just starting her new business, Landis felt stressed; however, she said, “Failure was not an option.”

Now, Landis says, “I see my company expanding within the tourism industry. We also want to create a variety of vacation experiences. Not just here in Canaan Valley, but throughout West Virginia.”

It is key to your success to remember the end goal and trust that everything will work out. It’s hard to do when you are being hit with so much in life; however, mental clarity is imperative.

Aim to help everyone, even if they are not a customer.

Through the tragedy that befell the Landis family, Landis learned a valuable lesson.

She said, “I put God first in my life, and I never took anyone or anything for granted because you never know when something can turn your world upside down.”

Landis also doesn’t just want to help her customers. She wants to help her community.

“I’m more than just a business woman. I give all I can to those who need help,” Landis said.

Landis was a guest on the Positively West Virginia Podcast. Listen to her full podcast here.




  • ADVICE: “Failing is not an option,” said Landis. “Go into something that makes you full of life.”
    RESOURCE: Social media
  • PERSON: Landis would like to meet anyone that has been inspired by what was shared in this article and the Positively West Virginia Podcast.